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Hi, my name is Austin Howell! I am an NASM Certified Personal Trainer, who specializes in climbing-specific training regimes. I employ a scientific, evidence-based training model to develop individualized workout plans.

I have been climbing for ten years now, and I started off with a massive fear of heights! In the intervening time, I have been lucky enough to learn how to train body and mind so that I can achieve my goals, maximize the amount of fun that I have while climbing and increase overall enjoyment of life! I've also been lucky enough to travel widely and climb at over 40 different gyms, which has allowed me to assess and work with a wide variety of climbers at all levels. Whether its maximal strength for bouldering, climbing El Cap in a day, or just learning to climb for the first time and overcome your fear of heights (or falling), I have a systematic approach that can be scaled and tailored to anyone's goals!

Austin Howell, NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Good Mojo

MISSION: My mission is to help you have more fun while climbing through training your body and mind in such a way as to develop skills that will help you both on the wall, and in your everyday life. If I've learned one thing in my experience it's this: Climbing does not have to be frightening, and together we can work to make it a restorative activity that enriches your whole life! Climbing is more than strong fingers, but also about full-body wellness, strong mind and proper safety skills. While I can certainly train you to climb harder grades, my goal is to train you to have more fun!

“The best climber in the world is the one having the most fun!” — Alex Lowe


What I offer

Technique Coaching

Atlanta Rocks offers Nicros A.R.T. walls sculpted like real rock to hone your technique for the outdoors. Great for beginners and veterans alike!

Training for Climbing

NASM Certified Personal Trainer, using scientific evidence-based training models customizable to any skill level

Skills Instruction

Toprope, cleaning anchors, sport climbing, trad climbing, anchor building, basics of multipitch, and more

Mental Training and Coaching

Learn to overcome your fears and have more fun. I can improve your mental game on toprope, sport and even outdoor trad climbing

Outdoor Guiding

I can set up the climbs and do all the work while you and your friends just enjoy the climbing. Great for beginners!

Group Discounts!

Group lessons are offered at $100/hr for small groups of 2-4 climbers. This is perfect for learning technique in a groupe setting, mental coaching, and skills practice like anchor building. With a group of four, this is only $25 per person!!


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